Online Counselling

Our online counselling sessions are available to you now.  Some people prefer to be discrete or may feel unconformable speaking with a counsellor face-to-face.  Or a client is unable to meet his or her session in person and would like to pick up where they left off from a previous session.  We want to make sure that we cater to most of our clients' needs and availability.  Each session will last for a full 1 hour.

Your first step is to purchase your session in advance by visiting our partner, The Learning Mall.  You will need to download the FREE software Skype for individual use to begin your online session.  Once you have purchased your session and downloaded Skype, you will receive an email from your counsellor to coordinate a suitable time to chat, type or a combination of both.

In Seesion tries to meet most clients' needs by offering online counselling service, and we do realise this type of service does not suit some clients.  If you are unsure of which type of counselling fits your needs, you may contact if prior to purchasing your session to see if Online Counselling is for you.  If this is the way to go for you, just follow the steps above and your counsellor will contact you to schedule a mutual appointment.

Important: If you have an emergency or life threatening issue, please contact your local emergency care in your area.